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This series was selected for the StART ART at Saatchi Gallery in London

Chaotic Balance

In this mesmerizing series, Estelle Rodriguez delves into her own experience as a hypersensitive person, drawing parallels between the tumultuous inner world of emotions and the restless sea in a perpetual state of motion.

EstelleRodriguez_restless serenitypetit.jpg

Hypersensitivity and Deepness of emotions

Before evolving into a strength, her hypersensitivity was a long-standing weakness. On numerous occasions, Estelle found herself trapped in her emotions, which had a stressful and exhausting impact on her life.

Her art now stands as a personal tribute, a testament to her journey of mastering her profound sensitivity. Through these artworks, Estelle seeks to convey a universal message: that anyone has the potential to transform their weaknesses into sources of strength. Much like the beauty hidden in the depths of the sea, Estelle encourages individuals to wholeheartedly embrace and explore their emotions.

Each painting in this series is a visual representation of the anxiety of an hypersensitive person always in between two emotions. More precisely, the pivotal moment when one emotion appears to consume another. To illustrate this message through her art, Estelle is working with acrylic paint interwoven with layers of epoxy resin on plexiglass.

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