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Estelle Rodriguez is a contemporary abstract artist from Belgium. Self-taught artist, she has always been attracted by art since her childhood.  As a child, her first canvas were the wall of her bedroom and even once the car of her dad ( ..oops..).


Estelle graduated fashion design studies in London and arts always stayed her inspiration to create. After living 5 years abroad in Paris, London, Firenze and Milan; Estelle came back to her home country. Inspired and enriched by these artistic cities, it was time for her to create her own magic.


Abstract art is a language open to everyone's heart. As a very sensible person, painting has always been a place where Estelle could live her emotions fully and feel free. Therefore, through her paintings, her purpose is to share feelings and make people feel.

Women's feelings is the very first and iconic serie of paintings made by Estelle Rodriguez. Her first solo exhibition was is Brussels at Attitude Gallery in 2018 where she had the pleasure to present this collection. These reversible artworks are the abstract representation of a woman in the eyes of Estelle Rodriguez.  

Women's feelings explanation:

As I am painting on plexiglass, I consider it as the facade of a woman. The colors and the energy, would be the feelings you see while looking at someone. And finally, on the other side of the artwork, I work the paint to represent the inner self of the woman where all the emotions are melted together creating a more complexed mixture. It's an all technique to work the paint on one side without messing the other one.


Estelle also proposes her art on made to order. With clients all over the world, some of them ask her specific demands (size, frame, colors,..) to match perfectly the architecture and tastes. It's a pleasure for the artist to get to know her clients and create unique artworks for them.

Therefore, her serie Women's feelings is also available on demand.



  • Event: Château d'eau, Ukkel/Belgium

  • Solo exhibition, Attitude Gallery, Brussels/Belgium

  • WAA: We are artists. Emerging artists exhibition Ukkel/Brussels

  • Pop-up des créateurs, Sablon/Brussels

  • ...



  • Artist's Meeting, Knokke-Heist, 18-20 august 2023

imprimé 7.jpg



Living in a world going more and more digital, Estelle Rodriguez proposes digital artworks for your events. Re-working her paintings on Photoshop allows her to create infinite possibilities of an artwork. 

If you are interested to collaborate on an event, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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